Pedro Cano Photographer in La Linea – Presentation

Fotografía Pedro Cano

My name is Pedro Cano and I am a photographer from La Línea de la Concepción

I would like to present you with my new site and my services I offer. I want to show what I do & enjoy the most which starts from the photography from my trips around Europe and not only. I have been to Mexico, Thailand & of course Morocco which is almost around the corner from  my house! 🙂 I have started to take a profile pictures recently which seems to be very popular around Gibraltar. You can also find some pregnancy, family, fashion & pets photoshoots which I also enjoy doing and offer as my services

I would also like to present you my project Foreigners of La Línea, which was launched in February. As I am from La Linea I felt the need of introducing my friends from all around the world and show that how the life of expats in La Linea looks like.

My Services:

  • Profile Photo
  • Kids, Fashion, Pregnancy & Pets Photoshoots
  • Corporate Sessions

I hope you like this website and my work. I would also love if you leave your comments or contact me using the contact page.

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